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Hi Fi Separates and Stereo Systems

We have specialist expertise in servicing and repairing quality hi-fi and audio equipment, from record players to the latest hi-fi components. We can carry out a full service of your Hi-Fi component if it does not seem to behaving itself.

Typical Repair Faults include;

  • No sound or distorted sound
  • Speakers or amplifier channels not working
  • Crackly / scratchy volume control
  • CD tray stuck or not working
  • CD errors - No CD, No disc | disc changer faulty
Valve equipment is, once again, being recognised as superior and we have worked on these for more than 40 years. We've experience with quality brands such as Phillips, Sony, Denon and Technics as well as specialist brands such as Marantz, NAIM, Leak, Arcam, A&R, Hi Fidelity, Marantz, Cambridge, Loewe, Sugden.. to name but a few.
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