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Turntable, Record Player + Gramophone - Repairs & Servicing

From early gramophones to the height of turntable production, we've seen a fair deal of turntables come through our doors. We're experienced with many of the traditional brands inc. Garrard, Dual, Hacker, Dansette, Fidelity, Thorens, Technics, Pioneer.. as well as more specialist brands including Pro-ject, Rega and Origin.

... and with vinyl making a warm and welcome comeback... we're seeing a renewed lease of life to some of the these old brands. So if you're dusting down your record collection and need your turntable serviced or repaired - then do give us a call?

  • Servicing - bearing lubrication, belt replacement, speed calibration & tonearm tracking
Replacement Styluses and turntable belts - buy from our workshop or from our EBAY store
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